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2018 Distinguished Flight School

2018 Distinguished Flight School

In a world of virtual thrills, flying is still the original authentic adventure.  Learn to fly with the award winning team at Latitude Aviation.  Enjoy the great scenery of Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Kellogg and the surrounding Idaho Panhandle, as well as Spokane, Liberty Lake, Deer Park and Eastern Washington for your cross-country flights.

Teaching people to fly is our passion, and what we do best.  You’ll enjoy our clean, well maintained airplanes that welcome you to the skies.  Our flexible online scheduling tool helps you take control of your training schedule, allowing you to fit it in with your busy schedule.  You’ll feel like every dollar you invest in your next adventure is well spent, thanks to our customized, easy-to-read and easy-to-use syllabus and lesson plan structure, including references to the studying you’ll do for each lesson.  Our full-time staff flight instructors have one job - teaching you to fly.

There’s no better place to learn to fly than North Idaho, and Latitude Aviation can show you how.

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Jeff Fouche - Flight InstructorLatitude Aviation is the only full-time, full service flight school located at the Coeur d'Alene Airport, Hayden, Idaho. Our flight school is managed by Chief Flight Instructor Jeffrey Fouche, CFII. Latitude offers multiple staff instructors who can work with you to develop a training system that matches your learning style and schedule.  Our instructors don't have a 2nd job - we do this for a living, meaning you are getting the best experience and passion available from your flight training partner.

Our rental aircraft and instruction capabilities can fulfill the training needs of any pilot. We are able to offer Light Sport, Recreational,  Private, Instrument, Backcountry, and Tailwheel.

Latitude Aviation offers a diverse fleet of rental aircraft suited to our customers’ wide range of training, travel, and recreational flying desires. From the venerable Cessna 172 Skyhawk to the light-sport-qualified (and fun!) Champ, you will find our fleet is well maintained and in regular use. If your goals include climbing the ratings ladder, we have the right equipment for you.

To rent you must have at least an airplane single engine land certificate, current medical (except Champ), and be current in ASEL. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of our instructors is necessary.  You'll also need renter's insurance, with a minimum of $20k hull insurance (available here!, customize your coverage for maximum value)

No Wasted Time, No Wasted Expense
Latitude Instructors Use Written Lesson Plans

Cessna 175 TailwheelMake flying fun again with a tailwheel endorsement. With well over a 100 backcountry airstrips, you can't go wrong flying conventional gear here in the Northwest. Latitude Aviation is one of the only schools in the area that offers tailwheel equipped rental aircraft and expert instruction.

Don't have your pilots license yet? No problem. We are the only flight school in 4 counties - including Washington - that offers primary training in tailwheel airplanes. Get your initial training in a tailwheel and you'll earn both your private pilot license and a tailwheel endorsement at the same time. Learning in a tailwheel will make you a better pilot in any type of airplane you decide to fly later. Plus, a tailwheel endorsement will make you more employable if a flying career is your goal.

Oh... the places you will go!


Darren J.

Student Pilot
I HIGHLY recommend Latitude Aviation. I have been working on obtaining my private pilots license. Working with Ian Hupp as my CFI in the Champ has been a blast along with all I have l learned and experienced with my hours of training. The crew at Latitude Aviation are a great group. Jeff, Ian, Jaxon, and Jackson are very knowledgeable and more than willing to take the time to help and answer any questions.

Michael W.

Student Pilot
Latitude Aviation is a great place to learn to fly. They actually have a wide assortment of airplanes to choose from, as well a state of the art (FAA approved) flight simulator. The flight simulator is a fantastic tool for learning basic concepts, and it does not drain your wallet in rental and fuel costs. One of the best things about Latitude is that they offer online courses for ground school, as well mountain flying courses. If you are going to fly in the northwest, you need to get some mountain flying instruction. Latitude has you covered.

Carl S.

Latitude Aviation, provided me with a great experience in learning to fly. After meeting with Jeff Fouche and Dan Jones at Latitude I knew this was the right flight school. They offer multiple certified flight instructors and have multiple airplanes available for rent, including two tail wheel. I've never had trouble scheduling a lesson. If you're considering learning to fly I highly recommend Latitude Aviation at the Coeur d'Alene Airport.

Sean M.

Great, Friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Good variety of aircraft for rent. Best flight school around.
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Idaho Aviation Association