Google+ Outside Parking Instructions and Policy | Latitude Aviation

When it comes to parking aircraft outside at the Latitude hangar, please refer to the following instructions and procedures.  Jets use the ramp in front of the hangar complex, and their blast is powerful.  We as pilots need to make sure our aircraft are safe at all times.

  1. NO AIRCRAFT are permitted to be parked for any length of time, especially unattended, in front of the main hangar.
    1. The ONLY exception is if the aircraft is to be pulled inside the hangar immediately following shut down.
  2. Park on the YELLOW tie down spaces only (see image above).
    1. Most of the time, you will be able to pull through one direction and park right on top of a tie down.
    2. If you cannot pull through, simply taxi past it a little bit, shut down, and simply back the airplane on top of the tie down.
    3. When departing, consider pulling the aircraft off the tiedown and turning it by hand so that you are not making a sharp turn in proximity to the fence.
  3. Tie down ropes have been provided – use them to securely tie down your airplane before walking away.  Please seek instruction on tying down the aircraft if you do not know how.
  4. The fuel cart will usually be staged out by the flight line.
    1. Please fuel the aircraft as normal or per the next pilot’s request.
    2. The cart should have a bucket with a sponge and water for bug removal.
  5. Failure to comply will result in one or more of the following, at the sole discretion of the school owner:
    1. Revocation of rental/student rights at Latitude, either temporarily or indefinitely.
    2. Forfeiture of any remaining Block balance on account.