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Why choose Latitude for your Pilot’s License training?

At Latitude Aviation, we recognize that flying is more than airplanes, avgas, and sunny days.  For most, it is a dream.  We want to be a part of enabling your dream.

  • Friendly, positive instruction style that emphasizes the fun side of aviation while maintaining the essential safety, skills, and mindset that makes a good pilot.
  • Personalized instruction that ensures you know how much progress you’ve made, what you’re doing right, and what needs improvement.
  • Accessible airplanes and instructors make sure that when it’s time to fly, you can book the airplane and instructor and go.  No waiting for the call back, no missed opportunities.
  • Your achievement is our achievement.  We know we did our job when you are succeeding.
  • Yes, we’re in this to make money.  Might as well say it, because we need to put food on our tables too.  We also, however, believe that our success as a school is assured when our students feel like they’ve gotten good value for their hard-earned dollar by learning, achieving, and ultimately flying on their own – not feeling like they’ve been milked along for every last dime.  You will find your progress tracked on a syllabus, with constant feedback from preflight and postflight debriefs, with no guessing about where you are and what comes next.
  • Our most powerful statements come from our customers:
    • “I liked that [Latitude] had a system so I knew what I was getting, but kept a relaxed atmosphere that helped me relax and earn my certificate.” – Thomas
    • “I loved earning my Private Pilot License in a tailwheel airplane… and Latitude’s flexible schedule helped me achieve.  Latitude also changed things up to keep me motivated and coming back.” – Sean
    • “Latitude has a varied, diverse pool of instructors that provided me with a well-rounded experience.” – Darcy

Come and fly with us, and experience the feeling that comes from instructors that loves flying maybe more than you do.

But don’t take our word for it…