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Latitude announces Insurance Recurring Training

Latitude announces Insurance Recurring Training

Latitude Aviation announces Recurring Training for Advanced Aircraft

Coeur d Alene Airport November 17th, 2015

Building on the capability of the DCXMax with Promotion AATD by Precision Flight Controls, recurring training for advanced aircraft is now being offered at the Latitude hangar at KCOE (Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho) airport.

“Recurring and Initial training that meets insurance requirements represents a natural expansion of our programs here at Latitude.” says owner and CFII Jeff Fouche.  “We’re excited to offer our blend of realistic training, emergency preparedness, and competitive program cost to the flying community.”

Recurring training programs are currently offered in a single day, which includes 3 hours of ground and 4 hours of dual instruction time in the AATD.  Introductory pricing is set at $649, and the successful pilot also receives an Instrument Proficiency Check per FAR 61.56 – all in the AATD per a Letter of Authorization!

The course syllabus covers the usual review of airplane systems, regulations, flight planning, weather etc.  Two items that could help this program stand apart are randomized, chance-based emergencies during the final flight profile, and ATC simulation, both in an effort to provide the utmost in realism as well as challenge the pilot with flying “in the system”.

Initial training programs are being considered on a case-by-case basis.  Currently, only Starr Aviation Insurance customers are eligible for recurring training credit, though other insurer’s customers could likely be added