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Latitude Aviation adds AATD, Cessna 170 to fleet

Latitude Aviation adds AATD, Cessna 170 to fleet

Latitude Aviation is excited to announce a pair of big (literally) additions to the Part 61 school: a DCX Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with ProMotion and a Cessna 170 tailwheel airplane.

The DCX will be used for primary and advanced instruction, allowing focused training to occur at all levels for Primary, Instrument, and Commercial pilots.  Using 33 included airplanes and configurable controls for Single and Multi Engine airplanes, the DCX with Promotion represents the cutting edge in training device technology.  The motion promises to provide an immersive experience to pilots practicing everything from Private Pilot maneuvers to instrument approaches and multi-engine and complex transition training.  A full-featured Garmin 530W emulation provides realistic GPS approach capability in a wide variety of customizable weather conditions.

“The DCX is a one-of-a-kind resource for pilots in the Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene pilot community” says owner and CFII Jeff Fouche.  “We’re very excited to have this extraordinary training tool available right here at KCOE.”

Also recently added to the school is a Cessna 170, a unique offering in the region.  This beautiful tailwheel airplane is available for primary student pilots as well as tailwheel transition training, basic backcountry instruction, and rental to qualified pilots.  Equipped with field-approved Plexiglass observer doors, striking paint scheme, and numerous Alaska-bred STCs and field approvals like big tires, 180 gear, and long McCauley prop, this airplane is a wonderful resource – and is an absolute joy to fly.

“I’ve always wanted to instruct in a tailwheel, but I never knew exactly why until I flew this airplane.  Stately, yet plenty of power, and very forgiving, this 170 brings a grin to anyone’s face that flies it.” smiles Jeff.  “Both my students and I just can’t stop smiling as we fly this stunner of an airplane around the beautiful Inland Northwest that we get to call home.  There are even plenty of grass airstrips within easy range, which just makes those smiles even bigger!”

Cessna 170

About Latitude Aviation:

Latitude Aviation is a flight school located in beautiful Coeur d Alene Idaho, at Pappy Boyington Field (KCOE).  Services include flight instruction, airplane rental, aviation ground school, and commercial pilot services such as aircraft ferry.  Enjoy the great scenery of Coeur d Alene and surrounding Idaho Panhandle, as well as Spokane and Eastern Washington for your cross-country flights.  Learn to fly or add your instrument rating in our rental airplanes while you enjoy uncrowded skies and challenging, diverse airports in the region.  Our friendly flight instructors, flexible “your schedule” availability, and affordable aircraft rental rates will make your flying experience in North Idaho a happy one.  Use easy online aircraft scheduling to book your airplane and instructor swiftly and easily.

Our mission:

Latitude Aviation is dedicated to providing exceptional flight instruction in an efficient manner that creates safe, competent pilots.  We measure our success by how our students talk about us to their friends as well as the public about aviation and our flight service in particular.

Our vision:

Latitude Aviation seeks to be the premier flight training provider on the Coeur d Alene airport, providing Private through Commercial and CFI instruction as we grow to a flight academy that serves the Kootenai region and beyond.

Find out more about Latitude Aviation at their website, or by calling owner and CFII Jeff Fouche at 208.818.5547.