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Latitude streamlines purchase of Renter’s Insurance

Latitude is pleased to announce that with the help of Starr Aviation Insurance and Regal Aviation Insurance we can offer renter’s insurance to our customers.

Renter’s Insurance is a general term for “non-owned” insurance that protects you from loss in the event of an accident.  It usually covers (check your coverage, these are examples!) the deductible you would pay the airplane owner, liability from the accident, legal fees in the event you are sued by a passenger, medical payments, and even protection from subrogation – an event in which the insurance underwriter applies civil liability to try and recover their loss.

Most policies are stunningly affordable, and binding the insurance can often happen nearly instantly.

Some pilots accept the risk that they might be on the hook for thousands of dollars if they bend an airplane.  Many pilots instead seek to mitigate that risk with an affordable insurance policy like this.

Follow this link to begin the application process.