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Learning to Fly at Coeur d’Alene’s Latitude Aviation

We answer many of the same questions from prospective pilots.  We love talking to people, but we also wanted to make this information easily accessible so that you could answer many of your initial questions, meaning your next round of thoughts are more guided.  Below are over 20 of the top questions prospective student pilots, just like you, ask about learning to fly an airplane. Questions answered include How long does it take to get a pilot’s license? How much does it cost to learn to fly? What types of aircraft can I fly with a pilot’s license? and many more.

*Please note!  Aircraft rates have changed since these videos were made, please see our aircraft rates for current pricing.

What is an Introductory / Discovery Flight? Will I Really Get to Fly?
What does it take to get a private pilot license at the Coeur d'Alene Airport?
What types of pilot license are available to me for training?
What are my options for ground school?
What does it mean to solo an airplane and how long will it take before I solo?
How much does it cost to get to the solo stage of flight training?
What type of flight simulator is allowed to be used in flight training?
How much does it cost to learn to fly and how can I control the cost?
Will a home computer flight simulator like X-Plane help in my flight training?
What is the hardest part of flight training that I will have to overcome?
What is the difference between a recreational pilot certificate and a private pilot certificate?
How old do I need to be to start flying lessons at Latitude Aviation?
Why should I choose Latitude Aviation as my flight school?
Can I rent airplanes at the Coeur d'Alene Airport?
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