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Aviator Ground School

Classes start July 31st, Tuesday and Thursday Evenings at 6pm.
Physical location is currently TBD.  Or, Online via a live broadcast from anywhere in the US





Earning your pilots license can be a lot to learn, and sometimes it can seem like the hardest part can be wading into all the books and information you need to know as a student.  Make it easy with a ground school course from Latitude Aviation.  New this year is a simulcast live web broadcast, meaning you can attend a LIVE ground school from anywhere! Featuring vibrant, dynamic instruction filled with real-world scenarios, multimedia instruction, and based on the Gleim Private Pilot curriculum, you’ll be sure to get a head start on the knowledge you need for achieving your dream.  Ask us today, or sign up now with the link provided.

Tell me more about each way I can attend Ground School at Latitude:

Traditional Ground School:

The Good:

  • In-person, high quality instruction.
  • Instant Q&A capability.
  • Ability to have over-the-shoulder assistance.

The Bad:

  • If you miss a class, it’s gone forever and you have to make it up.
  • Must attend a classroom that may be inconveniently located.
Simulcast Ground School:

The Good:

  • Don’t have to drive to class twice a week – you can attend from a distance.
  • If you miss a class for whatever reason, you can make it up with the recorded session.
  • Recorded sessions can be used to review and reinforce difficult concepts.

The Bad:

  • Q&A, and direct 1-on-1 instructor assistance can be more challenging.
  • Lack of “defended time”, in that distance learning at home can come with unexpected distraction.

2018 Ground Schools

(subject to update)

Immersion Ground School - Sign Up Today!

Our Immersion Ground School takes advantage of our unique Simulcast distance learning capability and blends it with a weekend format that is ideally suited for students that carry a day job.   Consisting of 14 twice-weekly 3 hour sessions (that’s 36 classroom hours!), you’ll explore subjects from Aerodynamics to Airspace and everything in between in our dynamic, real-world classroom style.

Class Start date: July 31st 6pm

Two ways to register:

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