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Basic Backcountry Online Ground School

Get your mountain flying adventure started off right – from the comfort of your own device!

Online Learning for Offline Flying

Latitude Aviation offers the industry’s only Online Ground School for Mountain Flying, and it’s yours for a low incredible price.

Learn about mountain flying weather, flight planning, performance estimation, basic survival, weight and balance, and much much more in our online video classroom, recorded from a live ground school with pilots just like you seeking increased knowledge about mountain flying in North Idaho.

Theoretical and Applied Knowledge You Can Use

Dive in with our class to uncover a treasure trove of knowledge compounded from industry leaders and our experienced instructors, including easy ways to estimate the effect of that moose quarter you just loaded on, how to visualize wind behavior, and how to practice essential skills like canyon turns and the “spot” landing method.

A Good Start for your Mountain Exploring

After completing this comprehensive presentation of the basics of mountain flying knowledge, you’ll be equipped with the elementary knowledge you’ll need in the mountains, so that you can go exploring with confidence knowing what you need to know to access adventure safely.

This course includes over 6 hours of classroom video instruction, a downloadable PDF pilot packet with a Koch chart and some sample backcountry airport diagrams, and mini quizzes to help important concepts stick.  The one-time class tuition is good for life – and as we add content, you’ll get to review it again!

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Ready to Start?

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