Google+ Written Accelerator Course | Latitude Aviation


Accelerate your understanding of the key subjects on the written knowledge test

Taught by Jeffrey Fouche, CFII


Our Written Accelerator unpacks the hardest subject areas on the FAA Written Exam for Private, Sport, and Recreational Pilot.  Cover essential topics like Weight and Balance Calculations, Weather, Performance Charts, and more.  You’ll have enough confidence after this course to finally tackle the Written test.

  • Frustrated by those pesky performance charts on the practice tests you’ve been taking?
  • Struggling to reliably interpret weather on charts that don’t exist anymore?
  • How on earth do I figure out these Weight and Balance problems?

If any of these sound like you, then you need the Written Accelerator from Latitude Aviation.  This focused, intense course zooms in on the most common subjects we kept hearing about from our students, and breaks down each one onscreen in an easy-to-follow format.

Our friendly Chief Instructor unpacks each piece of the course right onscreen, using a blend of learning approaches and media including graphics and hand calculations to ensure you’re equipped with knowledge and test-taking strategies that will actually work when you go take that Written exam.

Our online Written Accelerator course is designed to help you finally tackle that intimidating knowledge test that might be the last obstacle between you and your Pilot Certificate – except the checkride, of course!


While any student may enroll and attend this class for general knowledge, the student seeking a knowledge test endorsement will have completed one or more of the following to maximize their success: Completed a previous ground school, whether online, home study, or traditional. Completed some amount of flight training, and may even be waiting on the Written to complete their training cycle and go for the Practical.

What this Course IS

This course seeks to:

  • Bring understanding to the common subject areas that are difficult to understand and correlate.
  • De-mystify the knowledge test by using some small quizzes to introduce and practice the manner of test taking.
  • Deliver the above in a compact, efficient manner compatible with today’s busy student.
  • Apply a basic level of testing to enable the granting of endorsements for the knowledge test.

What this Course IS NOT

This course does not:

  • Prepare the student for aviation, or even their Private Pilot license. It is a targeted look at some of the subjects considered more difficult to understand or requiring correlation of multiple subjects and tasks.
  • Contain a complete set of knowledge for the knowledge test. As stated previously, it is a targeted class limited in scope.