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Our AATD with ProMotion is a stunning example of what a flight simulator can do with present technology. Using X-Plane, 5 screens, a convincing yet flexible panel, and a flawless Garmin GNS 530W emulation, this simulator can provide a remarkably authentic flying experience on 33 different aircraft from a Cessna 152 all the way up to a turbo Baron. It is incredibly useful for IFR training (you can credit 20 hours of dual!), and even has a home with primary students as well as initial multi-engine and complex aircraft training. Come and see why an AATD like this one is all the rage for reducing the cost Рand enhancing the experience Рof flight training at all levels.

This DCX is approved via LOA for 61.56 IFR proficiency, such as 6 approaches and holds, Instrument Proficiency Checks, as well as certain training requirements for multi-engine class add-ons and Private Pilot Training.


Rental Rate: $90 + instructor $60 per hour