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Looking for aerial photography services?  Look no further.  Latitude Aviation offers aerial photography for many purposes:

  • Real Estate – property sells better when your client can see the whole picture.
  • Weddings – capture the memory from the air.
  • Survey – look over the condition of a herd of livestock, a crop, a forest, quickly and efficiently.

Questions and Answers:

…I have cameras I would like to use, or I just want to go to get the shots I want.

Of course.  Weight limits may apply.  No extra charge!

Good question.  A real airplane with a real pilot is not ideal for everything, but this team offers superior safety, the ability to bring along an observer to make sure you get the shot you want, and better capability in windy conditions.  In addition, an airplane can cover ground infinitely faster than a drone operator, which makes multiple shots at multiple locations (for realty listings, as one example) efficient and affordable.  We also feel our costs are in line with what you would expect from a high-end drone operator.

This somewhat depends on the location of the shot.  If it’s in the middle of downtown, legally we must fly at least 1000 ft above the ground.  If it’s on the edge of town or out in the country, 500 ft is doable.  Bring a decent zoom lens, but even 1000ft can yield some great shots with our equipment, or yours if you have the right zoom lens.

This is the best part of a real airplane.  If a plane and pilot are available, and the weather is cooperative, same-day service is realistic.  In fact, if it all lines up correctly, a photo mission can be flown with almost no notice.

Latitude can fly photo missions almost anywhere in North Idaho and Eastern Washington.  Our flat-rate pricing is good within a 25 nautical mile radius of the Coeur d Alene Airport.  Missions further than that will require a special quote.

Flat Rate Photo Mission - 1st Location

25NM of KCOE Coeur d Alene Airport
  • This pricing good for the 1st location on a given photo mission

Additional Locations

Still within 25NM
  • If you provide multiple locations for the same flight, enjoy discount pricing on the additional missions.

Survey Missions

  • If your mission doesn’t fit photo missions, or you have a specific need, please contact us.  Depending on the mission, our rate will start as indicated.