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Our Rental Aircraft:

Cessna 175 Tailwheel STOL

Big and brawny, our tailwheel-converted, Lycoming-engined Cessna 175 might as well be a mini Cessna 180 – without the big fuel burn.  It can go reasonably fast, but it really likes to go slow.  As in, airspeed-indicating-zero slow.  One of the easiest tailwheel airplanes ever to handle on the ground, it’s slow speed handling aloft inspires confidence while the roomy cabin and extended baggage area invite adventure with friends.

Aeronca Champ 7AC/CCM

Powered by a Continental 90 horse engine, and at most will do about 90 mph in level flight. But, with so much to look at, who cares how fast you’re going?

As an added bonus, this aircraft is Light-Sport. If you are a Sport Pilot or Private Pilot, some hours to meet insurance requirements and you too can fly this little guy with no medical required.


Our AATD with ProMotion is a stunning example of what a flight simulator can do with present technology. Using X-Plane, 5 screens, a convincing yet flexible panel, and a flawless Garmin GNS 530W emulation, this simulator can provide a remarkably authentic flying experience on 33 different aircraft from a Cessna 152 all the way up to a turbo Baron. It is incredibly useful for IFR training (you can credit 20 hours of dual!), and even has a home with primary students as well as initial multi-engine and complex aircraft training.

Cessna 172

This 172 is a beautiful example of why the Skyhawk was the best-selling single model of aircraft of all time. Easy to fly, smooth and quiet, and reasonably fast all describe our 172. IFR avionics, recent interior and paint, and great lighting complete the package. The iconic Skyhawk has trained thousands to fly.

Cessna 175

180hp Tailwheel
$175/hour, wet

Aeronca Champ

90hp of pure fun
$115/hour, wet


Maximize your training efficiency

Cessna 172

Vanilla smooth Skyhawk
$140/hour, wet