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Aircraft Rental Checkout Process, Step by Step:

1: Contact us

Call or email to set up an appointment to come view our facility or to schedule your first flight.  We will add you to our scheduling service with your email.  Have you selected the aircraft you want to fly?

We use Flight Circle, an online scheduling and payment system, to serve your scheduling and payment needs.  Scheduling online is easy and swift.  Use your credit card on file to pay instantly as you check the airplane back in!

2: Complete paperwork

Yep.  Paperwork.  We try to keep it relevant and short, but it must be done.  Each aircraft has an electronic copy of the POH, electronic copy of the weight and balance, and an associated checkout test.  The test is a short review of operating limitations, emergency procedures, and local airspace and operations.  Don’t forget a rental agreement (link to Google Doc)!

3: Get Renter's Insurance

Peace of mind, and affordable.  What’s not to like?

Mention Latitude Aviation as your flight school when signing up!


4: Fly!

Finally, the fun part!  Your CFI is looking for you to show competence in basic flight maneuvers, radio communication, and airport operations.  A sample lesson plan can be found in the Documents section (link below).  Keep your CFI a passenger, and your checkout flight will be short.

Conventional gear aircraft rentals require a tailwheel endorsement, checkout with a Latitude CFI, and logged tailwheel time within the preceding 30 days.