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This week at Latitude 5/13 (late)

Hey everyone,

This week has been crazy for me.  Looking nice today!
  • Summer is here, and so are the bugs.  Please, please return the airplane bug-free so that the next pilot enjoys a clean view and clean wings.
    • A bucket of plain water with a sponge and scrubber arm will be placed at the front of the hangar.
    • Students and renters, you are responsible for cleaning the airplane that you got dirty.
    • If you hit the bugs with the wet sponge as soon as you get back, they’re typically still juicy and are easy to simply wipe off.  Wiping the wings and windshield takes MAYBE 5 minutes, 10 at the most.
    • A clean windshield is a safety item, and should be part of everyone’s preflight checklist.
    • Clean wings are simply a detail item that keeps our airplanes looking nice and clean.  It is a courtesy to the next pilot.
  • You’ll be seeing a new face around.  Matt Fry is a former student of mine, who graduated with his PPL last year.  I’ve hired him mostly to be an engineering intern, but he’ll also have some tasks and duties around the airplanes.
  • I’ll say it again.  Airplanes are to be parked so that they face the same way as the jets parked on Resort’s ramp.  This is because jet blast from a jet starting up and taxiing can be significant, and if it hits the airplane that is parked the opposite way it is very hard on the flying surfaces.
  • Students and CFIs: part of learning to fly is learning the pre- and post-flight tasks.  One of these is cleaning the airplane as part of a routine post-flight procedure.  Another is fueling.  Please take the opportunity to learn how to use the Fuel Cart and fuel your own airplane at least a half-dozen times over the course of your instruction.  Sunny does a great job of fueling the aircraft, but this is not her only task around the hangar and cannot attend to it all the time.  It is great we have her to assist, and fueling aircraft is one of many courtesies she performs for our customers.  You still need to know how to do it.
Come out here and get some flying done, it’s looking like a nice weekend for it.  Be safe out there!