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This week at Latitude 6/14

This week at Latitude 6/14

Hey everyone,

Quiet week this week.  A big low system is taking it’s sweet time through central Canada… we have it to thank for our weather this week.
  • AOPA sent me a list of cool webinars:
  • Would anyone be interested in being added to a Safety Pilot Pool?  I get inquiries from new instrument students looking for safety pilots to go with them or tag along with experienced pilots to do instrument approaches.  I envision a way to connect students needing safety pilots or looking to tag along with pilots willing to help and split costs, as needed.  If you are interested, please send me a direct email and I can see what the interest level is.
  • Welcome aboard to Lisa Martin, an experience tailwheel instructor with lots of Champ time.  She’ll be helping out this summer with tailwheel, BFR, and primary instruction.
  • The Champ’s tachometer has died.  Interestingly, it is failing high – it indicates a higher RPM than actual.  A new one will be going in Wednesday or Thursday.
  • The 150 will be down for 100hr until Weds lunch at the earliest, probably ready to go by the end of the day on Wednesday.
  • Regarding reservation etiquette: Please keep an eye on the duration of the reservation.
    • For most primary students, a 2 hour reservation is sufficient for most lessons.
    • For a renter coming in for touch-and-goes, a 2 hour reservation is overkill.
    • Moral of the story: please adjust the duration of your reservation to reflect how long you think you’ll need the airplane.  This maximizes availability of the busy airframes (172/Champ).
  • Summer Ground School is now forming.
    • July 12th thruAug 18th, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm.
    • e-learning enabled: live webcam and interaction for people that can’t make it to the hangar for the class.  More details to come.  Very exciting capability to add to the class, it should be really cool for those that live too far away to attend in person!
    • $280/pp, does NOT include books.  I’ll have Gleim Private Pilot Kits available starting this week for $169 incl tax.
    • Minimum 8 students to launch!
A couple of teaser pics:
The 170 was right at home at the Hackney Annual Pancake Fly-In

Inline image 1

I began the process of opening a new airstrip up on the Clark Fork River.  More to come!

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