Aeronca Champ 7AC/CCM for Rent at KCOE

Aeronca Champ 7AC/CCM

Powered by a Continental 90 horse engine, and at most will do about 90 mph in level flight. But, with so much to look at, who cares how fast you’re going?

As an added bonus, this aircraft is Light-Sport. If you are a Sport Pilot or Private Pilot, some hours to meet insurance requirements and you too can fly this little guy with no medical required.

Rental Pricing

Standard: $120 / hour wet
Club: $90/ hour wet


Champ 7CCM N83683 Pilots Operating Handbook (PDF)

Champ 7CCM N83683 Checklist (Google Doc)

Champ 7CCM N83683 Weight and Balance (Google Sheet)

Champ 7CCM N83683 Presolo/Checkout Test (Google Doc)

Latitude Tailwheel Training Manual (Google Doc)


Use mouse to view the interior of our Champ.