Latitude is Now Ski Flying Central – Champ going on Skis!


This could be you!

It’s here – and for a limited time only.  Get your snow on, only with Latitude!

Every year, we have the unique opportunity to explore our local world on snow and ski.  Every year, we get to treat ourselves and our customers to the magic that is snow flying.  Landing on frozen lakes.  Landing in untracked powder.  Maneuvering airplane and pilot to suit the demands of safely landing and taking off again from somewhere an airplane may never have been before – and may not be again until the snow returns next season.


Here’s an epic day we recorded last year on a particularly sunny day up on the Clark Fork River.

You’ll need to perform at your best – and a Champ or 175 on skis will show you how.

Ski flying could arguably be the epitome of “off-airport” operations.   A pilot considering a snow runway is not only required to consider the runway itself, the snow condition, depth, and aircraft performance, but also account for a safe approach and departure, obstacle clearance, safe separation from other users of the snow… the list goes on.

If it sounds similar to what you’ve heard float flying is like, you’re right.  Just colder.

If it sounds like amazing fun, you’d also be right.


New this year, the 175 gets some snow love too!  Enjoy the convenience of retractable skis and the speed of #175meh on the way to your favorite snow playgrounds.

Student Pilots – you’re welcome to join the fun.

Landing on the snow is fun and easy.  Making the decisions to evaluate a landing zone and safely take the airplane to that snow is fun and very challenging.  You’ll learn new skills in the aircraft, and hone abilities you didn’t know you had to think about the situation, balance the energy of the airplane with the condition of the snow, and maneuver the airplane instinctively as if you were a real stick-and-rudder pilot.

The one downside to renters and students alike is that solo operations for pilots of all levels in either airplane will be restricted.  Given the dynamic requirements of the snow operating environment, there are myriad risks to pilot and airplane that will require substantial preparation for anyone seeking solo privileges on the snow.  Please talk with a Latitude flight instructor if you’d like to pursue solo operations in the snow.

The 175 will be available for solo rental on pavement operations as per normal, however, please plan a flight with a CFI to get used to landing with the skis dangling.

That’s a skiplane smile on Mrs Debby L!
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