Aircraft Rental Agreement

Aircraft Rental Agreement


  • THIS AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into between Latitude Aviation ("Latitude"), with its principal place of business located at 2950 W Cessna Ave, Hayden ID 83835, and the individual signing below who is renting aircraft from Latitude (Renter):

    Summary of Agreement
    Latitude is engaged in the business of providing services involving aircraft rental and Instruction. The undersigned Renter desires to rent Latitude’s aircraft for the purposes of attaining their pilot certification, additional ratings, or for recreational use.

    This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions relating to this rental transaction. Therefore, Latitude and Renter herein agree as follows:
  • Scheduling and Cancelations

  • Cancelations

    Flight Instructor time

    When canceling a session with a flight instructor, every effort should be made to do so at least 24 hours in advance. Latitude reserves the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee of the total blocked time whenever a scheduled event is canceled with less than 24 hours advance notice.

    Aircraft Time

    When canceling reservations for an aircraft, every effort should be made to release the aircraft (cancel the reservation) at least 24 hours in advance. Latitude reserves the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee of the total blocked time whenever an aircraft reservation is canceled with less than 24 hours advance notice.

    Unused Reservations

    Both Flight Instructor and Aircraft reservations which go unused will be treated (charged/billed) in the same manner as cancellations within 24 hours as described in the preceding CANCELLATIONS section above.

    Intensive Instruction and Rental
    Intensive Instruction or rental is defined as two or more reserved flights per day OR four (4) or more hours of block reservation in any given 24 hour period. A separate Intensive Training Contract may apply.

    For intensive instruction or aircraft rental, a 48-hour cancellation policy applies. Up to 100% of blocked time may be charged (at the sole discretion of Latitude) for reservations missed, canceled, or otherwise not fulfilled.

    Cancellation Exemptions

    Cancellation charges may be waived under the following situations:
    • Unflyable weather in the KCOE terminal area or surrounds depending on intent of flight.
    • Illness or other factors preventing a pilot’s fitness for flight.
    • Factors outside the renter’s control, such as a breakdown of a vehicle, traffic stoppage, etc.
  • Aircraft Rental

  • Basis of Charge

    All charges for use of an aircraft will be based on operation time accrued as measured by the aircraft Hobbs meter (not the “Tach Time” or “airtime”) or, in the event of an overnight rental, the minimum charge specified below, whichever is greater. Hourly Rates

    Aircraft rental rates are for the use of the aircraft on a “WET” basis, which includes fuel and oil.

    Honoring Schedules

    Safe operations notwithstanding, all aircraft should be returned to KCOE in a timely manner. Should circumstances prevent returning at or before the end of the scheduled rental period, every effort should be made to notify Latitude as soon as possible.

    Minimum Rental Fees

    All multi-day rentals are subject to a minimum 3-hour rental charge for every night the aircraft is away. Charges for multi-day rental will be the GREATER of actual Total Time or 3 hours per night away.

    Deviation from this requirement may be requested in writing to Latitude management for consideration. Flight Rules and Restrictions
    • Renter understands that flights outside the United States “lower 48” are prohibited unless individually and specifically approved, in advance, in writing, by Latitude management. In all such cases, additional Renter’s insurance coverage will be required.
    • Renter accepts sole responsibility for any and all charges and fees including, but not limited to fueling and defueling fees, landing fees, ramp fees, servicing charges, incurred or ascribed to the operation of the aircraft, from the time the aircraft is checked out, until it is returned.
    • Renter understands and agrees to comply with the following safety rules.
      • hand propping is prohibited without training from a Latitude CFI
      • smoking in or near the aircraft is prohibited;
      • Renter will wait a minimum of 24 hours before flying after a blood donation.
    • Renter understands that if the aircraft being rented is involved in a pilot deviation, Latitude will cooperate with applicable authorities, including providing contact information to properly authenticated authority personnel.
  • Instruction

  • Basis of Charge

    As professionals, Latitude flight instructors are billed on the basis of time scheduled, at their discretion. Instruction billing time begins at the pre-appointed start time and ends at the completion of the post-lesson debriefing. (For example, if a 4-hour lesson ends a half-hour early, the client is only billed for 3.5 hours. If the lesson goes twenty minutes over, the student is billed for 4.3 hours.) Hours billed are rounded to the tenth of an hour (i.e. 2.1 hours).

    Authorized Instructors

    Renter understands that Latitude flight instructors are the primary individuals authorized to instruct in Latitude aircraft. Giving or receiving flight instruction by or from any flight instructor not specifically authorized by Latitude is prohibited.
  • Documentation

  • Renter is required to maintain the following on file with Latitude:
    • Pilot Certificate.
    • Current FAA Medical Certificate.
    • TSA authorization, if required.
    • A current and valid credit card and charge authorization.
    • This Agreement, current and signed.
    • Proof of Renter’s Insurance (see below for policy limits and requirements).
  • Pilot Requirements:

  • Check-out

    Renter must demonstrate, to a Latitude Flight Instructor, a sound working knowledge of and ability to proficiently and safely operate each aircraft make/model to be rented PRIOR to renting any Latitude aircraft for solo/non-instructional flights.

    Renter’s Insurance

    In order to keep the cost of aircraft rental as low as possible for each pilot and student pilot, Latitude requires that each Renter acquire their own Aircraft Rental Insurance Policy. Latitude has insurance that provides coverage for its owners, contractors, and renters who operate aircraft properly. However, this policy does not provide any coverage for a Renter who operates rental aircraft in an improper or negligent manner which causes damages; nor does it provide for the claim deductible or loss of use costs, should a claim be made.

    As such, effective Nov 1, 2019, all Renters, regardless of pilot certificate or training level, are required to carry Non-owned Aircraft Insurance with the following coverages:

    Liability Medical Payments Aircraft Damage & Loss of Use
    Not prescribed Not prescribed Minimum $20,000*

    Proof of insurance shall be provided by the Renter to Latitude and maintained on file. For new student pilots, this insurance shall be required prior to beginning to learn how to land (Reference Latitude Private Pilot Syllabus and Lesson Plan P1-4). All other pilots must bind and provide proof of insurance prior to taking operational control of the aircraft. Insurance may be customized and purchased nearly instantly at this link.

    *Be advised that $20,000 is the minimum amount of coverage for Aircraft Damage and Loss of Use required by Latitude under this Agreement, and in the event that any incident or claim for damages exceeds that amount, the Renter shall be personally liable for any additional damages. Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive. It would be advisable to obtain a coverage level in excess of the minimum to the extent that you can afford. This transfers the risk of loss to the insurance company without much of an additional premium cost for you. Note: This is especially important if Renter is flying Latitude aircraft in backcountry operations.
  • Commercial Use

  • Commercial Use

    Renter understands, agrees and affirms that commercial use (as defined by FARs) of any Latitude aircraft is strictly prohibited.
  • Maintenance

  • Discrepancies

    Renter will report/record any maintenance discrepancies or inoperative equipment when returning the aircraft to Latitude personnel for disposition. If a renter discovers damage to any part of the aircraft during preflight he/she must immediately notify Latitude prior to flight to ensure proper documentation and disposition.

    Malfunctions and Repairs

    • Any repairs away from KCOE require approval from Latitude Management (208-635-0805) in advance of any such repairs/maintenance.
    • Renter agrees to notify Latitude (208-635-0805 or Jeff’s Cell 208-818-5547) immediately if involved in an accident or incident (this includes a propeller strike).
    • Renter agrees to pay the repair and/or replacement costs for any damages caused solely by Renter through negligence, failure to comply with the FARs, the AIM, and/or failure to follow proper procedures stipulated in the aircraft pilot operating handbook or flight operations manual.
    • Renter agrees not leave/abandon the aircraft at any airport other than Coeur d’ Alene Airport. The Renter will be charged and agrees to pay, pilot expenses, plus flight time and any other expenses required to return the aircraft to KCOE in any instance where pilot error or negligence caused the need for repair.
  • Fuel and Oil

  • Fuel

    Fuel is included in the hourly rental fees. Aircraft are rented on a WET basis. Fuel purchased away from KCOE will be reimbursed up to the current cost of gas as determined by Latitude management. A receipt is required for reimbursement.

    Engine Oil

    Oil is included in the rental. Any oil needed prior to departure can be acquired from Latitude supplies. Should oil be needed while away, a receipt for the purchased oil should be submitted for reimbursement/credit when returning the aircraft.

    Minimum oil levels are prescribed by Latitude checklists.
  • Securing the Aircraft

  • The airplane should be returned to the Latitude hangar unless other arrangements have been made.

    Renter agrees to properly secure the aircraft utilizing available tie downs, ensuring that flight control surfaces are secured as recommended by the manufacturer and by locking all doors and windows. Failure to properly secure the aircraft may lead to damage for which the Renter will be held liable.

    Renter agrees to treat the aircraft properly, keep it clean and return it to the line in a clean condition (cockpit cleaned of debris, etc.). Renter further agrees to reimburse the aircraft owner and/or Latitude for any/all costs associated with remedying the situation should the aircraft not be returned in proper condition. It is the Renter’s responsibility to follow all Latitude Post-Flight checklists at the end of each flight.
  • Payment

  • Unless by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT, payment for rental and instructional services are due upon completion of the flight or ground training session.

    On past due accounts or returned checks, renter shall pay interest from the payment due date to the date of payment at the annual percentage rate of 18% (or such lower rate as may be the maximum allowable by law), together with Latitude’s costs of collection (Including reasonable attorney’s fees).

    A 5% fee may be charged for any refund on an account. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process.

    In the event Latitude needs to engage in the legal service to enforce the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Renter agrees that Renter is responsible for all reasonable attorney fees and costs until the dispute is resolved.


    This Agreement is entered into upon execution by each party’s duly authorized representative, as set forth below.
  • You will receive a copy of this agreement.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

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