Cessna 175 Tailwheel Conversion STOL

Cessna 175 Tailwheel STOL

Big and brawny, our tailwheel-converted, 180hp Lycoming-engined Cessna 175 might as well be a mini Cessna 180 – without the big fuel burn.

It can go reasonably fast, but it really likes to go slow. As in, airspeed-indicating-zero slow.  Airports less than 1000' long are almost too easy with that kind of slow.

One of the easiest tailwheel airplanes ever to handle on the ground, it’s slow speed handling aloft inspires confidence while the roomy cabin and extended baggage area invite adventure with friends.

Ours is one of the only upgraded 175s with an upgraded engine AND the ability to run on Mogas (auto fuel with no ethanol) meaning you get all this capability AND a ridiculous rental price.

Rental Pricing

Standard: $155 / hour wet
Club: $125 / hour wet

Links to Documents:

Cessna N9235B C175 Pilot's Operating Handbook (PDF)

Cessna 35B Weight and Balance Worksheet (Google Sheet)

Latitude Tailwheel Training Manual (Google Doc)

Cessna N9235B Checklist (Google Doc)

Cessna N9235B Pre-Solo / Checkout Test (Google Doc)

Cessna 175 Tailwheel Rental at KCOE

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