Cessna 310D Multi-Engine Trainer for Rent

Cessna 310D Twin Engine Trainer

Our newest addition to our fleet is our mighty Cessna 310D.  Powered by a combined 520 horsepower, this stable and fast machine is a fantastic trainer for pilots seeking their Instrument and Commercial pilot certificates.  It's roomy, is equipped for Basic IFR with ILS and DME capability, and is a pleasure to fly.

For many pilots, the Multi-Engine transition and experience marks their last hurdle before the vault into that first airline job.  At Latitude, you'll get the full treatment starting your transition in our wonderful AATD simulator, then transition to the airplane for an industry-leading curriculum experience - and an industry-leading cost.  Combine the AATD for procedures training with our competitive aircraft pricing for maximum value for your journey to that airline seat.

Our 310 - unlike most multi-engine trainers - is available for both dual instruction as well as solo rental after a suitable checkout.  You can bring another pilot who is also checked out on the airplane and split the cost of the airplane while you fly crew, meaning you both get the time in your logbooks.  This allows you to build experience at exactly half the cost.

Finally, we give you the savings if you stop at another local airport and buy cheaper gas than what's available here at Coeur d'Alene.  This means that if you shop cheap avgas, you can drive down your rental cost by as much as $40-50 per hour at current prices.

Rental Pricing

Standard: $340/ hour wet


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MEL Documents