“Fly Fishing” Training Adventure Idea

As you may or may not know Idaho is a backcountry pilot’s paradise.  If you’ve hung around Jeff Fouche CFII for more than a minute or two, then you most certainly know this bit of Idaho aviation trivia.

But you may not know (primarily because we just came up with this idea) you can book a Latitude Instructor and airplane for a whole day of flight training and include some fun landings on the way.

Your Flight Training Adventure can knock off a whole list of FAA  flight training requirements. For example, dual cross country, short field & soft field landings and takeoffs, flight maneuvers, increase flight hours, flight planning and weather analysis. You’ll also learn the specifics of mountain flying such as crossing ridges, planning approaches, canyon turns and more.

Plus, we encourage you to throw into the plane your fishing gear, hiking shoes, picnic or significant other so you can take advantage of what the Idaho backcountry has to offer along the way. After all, you probably got into this flying thing to go somewhere, right?

Now keep in mind this adventure is a flight training offer. We are not backcountry outfitters or fishing outfitters. Some of us can’t claim to be a good fisherman at all. The paid portion of the trip stops once the airplane engine shuts off.

Please fill out the form below to show your interest, or tell your Latitude Instructor you want to include a day-long adventure in your training.


Flight Training Adventure

  • Use this form to express your interest in a day-long flight training adventure. All levels of student pilots and licensed pilots are welcome. This offer is subject to scheduling availability and weather.