Instrument Training in our AATD

Our fabulous Advanced Aviation Training Device is the tool you’ve been looking for to up your instrument game.  Motion, dual controls, wraparound visuals and a convincing panel are just the start of the story.  Once you’ve flown it, in IMC conditions, with ATC chattering in your ear, you’ll be sweating when you land having survived scenarios and equipment malfunctions you just can’t safely replicate in a real airplane.  Once you remember you’re in the sim after a hard simulated IFR flight, you’ll smile when you realize you actually saved money vs. an equivalent amount of training even in your own airplane.  You’ll square your shoulders and mentally acknowledge that if you can handle our sim sessions, the real world is actually a little easier!

Find out more about our Instrument Capabilities:

Instrument Training

Our AATD is certainly NOT a simple PC on a desk – this piece of equipment might as well be a whole airplane to fly, because it features an enclosed cockpit with dual controls, wraparound visuals, dual instrument panel, and even basic motion.  Your aircraft will be equipped with a Garmin 530 WAAS navigator, as well as the legacy VOR/DME/ADF equipment that matches what most pilots are flying in the GA world.

This AATD is approved for up to 20 hours towards your Instrument Rating, giving you a chance to master the basic flying skills you’ll need in the real airplane in a safe, efficient environment.  Even better, you’ll have some time left over for the hard stuff, like emergency procedures and bad weather that just doesn’t happen in the real airplane.  Scenario-based-training with a practical, operational focus is geared to teach “beyond the checkride” and create a safe, proficient Instrument decision maker.  We promise that when you’re through with the IFR training here at Latitude, you’ll have the confidence to go into the real world knowing you will get you and your passengers back safely.

Recurring Training

Insurance companies LOVE recurring training.  It’s required on many twins and definitely pressurized aircraft.  The only glitch is, the insurance companies also love a syllabus heavy in emergencies and upset recovery.  How do accomplish this with a minimum of risk to an expensive airframe, much less the pilot and instructor?

You already know the answer: our AATD is perfectly suited to this type of training.  If you have a high-and-fast airplane and are looking for recurring training that satisfies your insurance carrier’s requirement, come fly our AATD.  It has 33 different airplanes, odds are it can emulate either your exact airplane or something with similar performance, and is a perfect platform for refresher training on emergencies, normal procedures, an Instrument Proficiency Check, and more.

Instrument Proficiency Check

You’ve got your IFR rating.  You’ve done your 6 approaches around your home airports.  At some point, you’ve probably even got across country to unfamiliar territory, and discovered you had habits and patterns well suited to familiar approaches – and tripped on your feet a bit perhaps.  You are now craving a different experience that really wrings you out in strange airspace so that you can KNOW you are ready for your next family trip, or business mission, or vacation flight.

Welcome to your next IPC – in our AATD.  A very capable range of airplanes (single- and multi-engine!) with analog instrumentation and a Garmin GPS make it useful for many GA pilots.  The ability to simulate a wide range of equipment malfunctions, weather conditions, and terrain/geographical factors make for an easy recipe for a challenging IPC, at a price that is competitive even to using your airplane – but with drastically reduced risk and a much wider range of available scenarios for incredible realism.

$999 IPC Getaway Package

One of our local stay-and-play offers a 2-day, 1-night package deal to their fantastic water park, mini golf, arcade park adjacent to their hotel.  Bring your family and put them up for the weekend while you polish your instrument skills – we’ll set you up for $999, all you buy are meals*!  On the first day, knuckle down and rock your IPC in our AATD, then the next day relax poolside at Raptor Reef (c) or race go-karts at Triple Play with your whole family.  Click this link for more details on Triple Play Resort Hotel.