Latitude Aviations Flying Club – Freedom Club

Freedom Club – Flying Club brought to you by Latitude Aviation

What is the Freedom Club?

The Freedom Club is a new way to enjoy airplane rental and instruction at Latitude Aviation.  Essentially, it functions just like any number of flying clubs around the nation that offer affordable, accessible flying – but this one is attached to the area’s best flight school.

A simple, low initiation fee ($250) and reasonable monthly membership dues  ($100) grants you a big discount off of all the airplanes*.

Freedom Club pilots enjoy a $30/hr discount off of their flying time in Latitude aircraft*.  So, if the Cessna 172 rents for $140/hr, Freedom Club pilots enjoy a remarkable rate of $110/hr to fly the same airplane. This discount also applies to our AATD. Additional discounts for other Latitude educational products and services continue to be added!

* Cessna 310 not eligible for Freedom Club Discount

What's the catch?

As a new Freedom Club member, you commit to a month to month membership. However, if you decide to leave the club or not make monthly payment(s) you must pay a new initiation fee.

Why would I want to join?

For example, a student pilot seeking a Private Pilot license may fly as much as 60 hours to get there.  At a savings of $30/hr, you’ve saved $1800.  Wow!  That means more money left over for doing what you wanted to do all along – fly!


I heard there was a referral program. Tell me about it.

Yep! For every pilot you tell about the Freedom Club that signs up (limit 4), you’ll get a $50 credit on your Flight Circle account. Cool!


Terms and Conditions

If you want to read up on the full story, go to this link to view the official Terms and Conditions.