Multi-Engine Rating

Is it your dream to become a professional pilot? If you're looking to the airlines or a business flying career, a multi-engine add-on along with minimum logged hours will be required.

We can help you get started right now right here at the Coeur d'Alene Airport using our FAA Approved flight simulator (AATD) and our Cessna 310D.



Pre-flight prep
You will get started on your multi-engine training in our FAA Approved flight simulator. Get a solid understanding of multi-engine operations in the sim and shoot an approach or two. Curriculum typically includes 2 hours in the simulator that can be logged in your log book.

Get Your Multi-Engine Add-On
Though the FAA does not specify minimum hours of instruction most pilots average between 6 and 10 hours before taking the MEL checkride. Get it done now.

Expect about 6 Hours of Dual Instruction
Most pilots require approximately 4 to 6 hours of dual instruction and wet rental in our Cessna 310D. Learn to professionally manage the workload, performance, speed and climb rate of a multi-engine aircraft.

Unique Opportunity
Latitude Aviation's Cessna 310D is the only twin trainer currently available for part 61 instruction East of the Cascades and West of Bozeman.

Rental Checkout
Upon successful completion of the course and MEL Add-On you will also have rental privileges to our Cessna 310D. Where will you go?

Pre-Requisites and Requirements

As could be expected at any professional pilot course of training, there are some things you need to be aware of.  First off, before you book training you should review the Latitude MEL Terms and Conditions document - there are some very important things you will need to agree to.

  • You will be required to acknowledge our Renter's Agreement and Multi Engine T's & C's before you will be allowed to book reservations for your training.  You'll be asked if you've completed the form before you book your training, so please take the time to complete it.
  • There will be a test you will need to complete before you can begin your training.  This is a Latitude requirement intended to improve the depth of your learning and maximize the efficiency of your course of training, therefore saving you dollars.  Don't worry, the answer key is provided.
  • Use the form below to get access to these documents and review the requirements. They're important and here for a reason.

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