Private Pilot Learn to Fly Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School KCOE - Coeur d Alene.

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Classes Starts Sept. 8, 2020

Yes. Classroom-based Private Pilot Ground School Starts Sept. 8th.

Get started on your private pilot certificate with ground school at our KCOE hangar on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm. All classes will be taught by a Latitude Aviation ground instructor in the classroom and each session will also be broadcast live online. So you can attend in person or live online. Plus each session recording will be available to all students following each class.


Latitude Aviation

Classroom Lead
Private Pilot Ground School

Ground school taught in a traditionally based classroom is proven to increase retention, student accountability and an increase in FAA knowledge test passing scores.

Latitude Aviation combines the live classroom with the convenience of an online course by simulcasting our classroom ground school sessions to the internet. Now you can attend in person at the Coeur d'Alene airport hangar or remotely from anywhere in the country via our online stream. Plus, every class is recorded and available online to both classroom and internet attendees.

In this ground school course, our instructors will not only teach you everything you need to know to pass the FAA written knowledge test; they will give you real-world scenarios and applications so you can get the most out of your in-flight training sessions too.



Why Ground School with Latitude Aviation


Though there are many reasons to attend ground school the primary reason is to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the FAA Written Knowledge Test.

Learning first hand in Latitude's dedicated classroom will ensure that you get a thorough education on everything you need to pass the FAA test. Nothing is more interactive than a teacher transferring aviation knowledge to students in an environment where students can ask questions, learn from each other and learn from first-hand scenarios from a flight professional.


Apply Knowledge Immediately

There is no reason you need to complete ground school before you start your flying lessons. In fact, we don't recommend that at all.

With Latitude Aviation you can apply the knowledge you are learning in ground school immediately during your flight lessons. This will make the ground school concepts real and applicable. It will also, help you remember the knowledge you need for your FAA Knowledge Test and the oral portion of your Private Pilot Exam when you finish your flight lessons.

Latitude Aviation is serious about getting you through your training in the most efficient time possible so you can save money, retain knowledge and be the safest pilot you can be.


Convenient  & Accountable

Latitude Aviation offers the convenience of an online course with the accountability that comes with a live teacher-led course.  You can attend our ground school in-person in our classroom at KCOE each week or you participate in the live internet stream each week. Plus, each session is recorded an made available to all students for later review.

If you're serious about getting your pilots license and don't want the temptation to put it off yet another year, then Latitude Aviation's Ground School is the way to make it happen.

Ground School Curriculum

Our goal is to not only make sure you have an opportunity to learn everything you need to know the pass the FAA Written Exam but to also apply practical knowledge during your flight lessons.

Unit 1: Airplanes and Aerodynamics
Unit 2: Airplane Instruments, Engines and Systems
Unit 3: Airports, Air Traffic Control and Airspace
Unit 4: Federal Aviation Regulations
Unit 5: Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
Unit 6: Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making
Unit 7: Aviation Weather

Unit 8: Aviation Weather Services
Unit 9: Navigation: Charts, Publications, Flight Computers
Unit 10: Navigation Systems
Unit 11: Cross-Country Flight Planning

This curriculum is organized to address one unit each ground school class. We then recommend that you schedule a flight lesson following each class to apply that knowledge.

Note that some subjects may require more than one ground school class. We expect the course to be completed in approximately 13 sessions.

Are You Ready? Cool School is in Session

Private Pilot ground school is fun. When combined with your flight lessons you'll be amazed at the knowledge you gain and your progress toward achieving your private pilot certificate.

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