Your First Flight – What Can You Expect?

You’re so excited!  This may be the first time you have ever been in an airplane smaller than a school bus, and your pulse is racing as your palms start to sweat a little.  Maybe this is your lifelong dream; maybe this is a bucket list item for you.  Perhaps you’ve ridden along in small airplanes before, but you’ve always been “just a passenger”.

Today, though… today is different.  Today you get to fly this airplane!

What will we do?

Your first flight will start with greeting and meeting your flight instructor (also known as a CFI).  This person is an experienced professional who has risen to the top of the ratings and accomplishments available to pilots.  He or she will get you oriented in the school, answer your questions, and then guide you out to the airplane for a short walk around and some ground instruction about what’s about to happen.

Then, your CFI will get you in the airplane, probably let you start it, and then you might even get to taxi it for a bit on the way to the runway.  After a short runup (this procedure ensures the engine and various systems are indeed ready to fly), your CFI will likely have you “shadow” them on the flight controls for your very first takeoff (“Shadow” means you lay your hands and feet on the controls and feel them move).  Once clear of the traffic pattern for the airport, your CFI will give you complete control of the airplane – you are now the pilot!

Um, wait, I get to fly this thing?

You bet.  That’s the point isn’t it?  After flying around for 20-30 minutes or so (or longer if you want!), the CFI will guide you back to the airport.  Once close, the CFI will take back the airplane and land it.  Whew, that was fun!

I made it, and boy was it fun!  Now what?

Your CFI will answer any more questions you have, but now it’s time for you to schedule your next few flights!  Find out more about learning to fly on our other pages, like the one about learning to fly.  Or, work your way through our video library.

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